Ten Minute Mentor

The Technology Committee is pleased to announce the Ten Minute Mentor. The Ten Minute Mentor is an online collection of video presentations from young leading lawyers in their areas of expertise. Each presentation is around 10 minutes or less, practical and free.

With more and more lawyers entering the market each year, it has become increasingly difficult for some of our profession's wisest leaders to mentor the next generation. We believe this online mentoring effort will be unique not only in its range, but also in its depth and accessibility. It is our hope that this collection of videos will become a valuable resource to young lawyers everywhere.

The Young Lawyers Section would like to give a big thank you to Merrill LAD for their assistance with the production of videos for the Ten Minute Mentor Project without which this would not have been possible. For more information about Merrill Lad's valuable resources please visit their website.


Scott MacMullan

The Applied Art of Client Intake

Lisa Hall Johnson

Mentoring & Networking Pathways to Success

Michelle Wilson

A Recipe for an Effective Voir Dire

Matthew Trollinger

Testimony as a Narrative

Kimberly Neal

Depositions Decoded

Dolores Dorsainvil


Marla Zide

Best Practices

Taron Stanton


Carl Isler

Discovery Tools & Tips

Lisa Hall Johnson

Business Development & Building Your Brand

Thanks to
Merrill LAD
for their continuing support of the
MSBA Young Lawyers Section.


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